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iCALM 2022

iCALM 2022 - interuniversity Course on Advanced Light Microscopy 2022

Flanders BioImaging, a consortium of Flemish microscopy facilities, is organising an inter-university Course on Advanced Light Microscopy (iCALM) toward the end of this year. The three-day workshop is specifically aimed at PhD students and early-career postdocs that are interested in applying advanced light microscopy to their research. During this course, participants will be taught the theoretical principles, potential applications, advantages and disadvantages of different advanced imaging methods. On-site and remote demonstration sessions will complement the lectures and are intended to provide insight into the theoretical principles. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their own data to explore which advanced methods can be applied to their research projects.

There are only a limited number of spots available, so be quick to register.

Practical information can be found in the attached flyer or on the website:

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