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Multimodal system equipped for fast live cell imaging, ratiometric imaging for concentration-independent flux analysis (e.g. FURA2), precise photoablation, and selective multi-region photoconversion (e.g. for optogenetics). SoRA module and associated deconvolution software allow for superresolution imaging and built-in AI and JOBS modalities enable online image recognition and adaptation of imaging modalities.


Biological and clinical samples, i.e. cell cultures, tissue sections, vibratome slices (fixed and living samples)

Light source

LaserCombiner with 4 lasers and 2 fibers (405, 488, 561, 640 nm)
355 nm pulsed laser for photo-ablation


​W1-SoRa spinning disk with 50 µm SuperResolution and 50 µm regular confocal spinning disk
2 camera's: Photometrics Kinetix sCMOS (6,5 µm pixel) + Photometrics Prime95B sCMOS camera (11 μm pixel)
Perfect Focus System
Photomanipulation device UV+VIS OMS including 355 nm pulsed laser for photo-ablation and input for visible laser.
Photomanipulation device DMD with distinct illumintor CoolLED PE800
Ratiometric illumination device Fura2+
JOBS Smart Imaging Design- Artificial Intelligence analysis modules
Incubation chamber for temperature and CO2,

Nikon Ti2 W1+SoRa

Nikon Ti2 W1 spinning disk with SoRa, photoablation and selective illumination

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