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Profiling microscopy images enables sensitive interrogation of neuronal connectivity

Therapeutic developments for neurodegenerative disorders are redirecting their focus to the mechanisms that contribute to neuronal connectivity and the loss thereof. We have shown that profiling microscopy images with deep coverage enables sensitive interrogation of neuronal connectivity and allows exposing a pharmacological window for targeted treatments. In doing so, we revealed a broad-spectrum neuroprotective effect of DLK inhibition, which may have relevance to pathological conditions that ar.e associated with compromised neuronal connectivity.


High-throughput microscopy exposes a pharmacological window in which dual leucine zipper kinase inhibition preserves neuronal network connectivity. Marlies Verschuuren, Peter Verstraelen, Gerardo García-Díaz Barriga, Ines Cilissen, Emma Coninx, Mieke Verslegers, Peter H. Larsen, Rony Nuydens & Winnok H. De Vos. Acta Neuropathologica Communications volume 7, Article number: 93.

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